2016 Dry Style Gewürztraminer

Eden Valley

In 2014 we purchased an adjoining property which had an area of gewürztraminer (gewürzt is German for ‘spicy’) grapes; a white variety well received thirty or so years ago, but not used a lot now. The vines had not been tended apart from sheep pruning for about 10 years but there were no sheep on the land when we bought it and we could see a significant crop on the vines. We decided to pick and process the grapes and were delighted with the resulting wine. The dry grown pink skinned grapes had astonishing unique flavours which we considered unlike anything we had previously tasted. We are now restoring the vineyard so others can experience the flavours of this wine.

Tasting Notes

The 2016 Gewürztraminer is made from premium, single vineyard, dry-grown grapes which come from the cool climate of Eden Valley.

The bouquet contains vibrant aromas of lemons, limes and lychees.

The palate is redolent with the attractive Traminer flavours, making it delicious and refreshing with just a hint of drying talc on the back palate. It is a very smooth and food friendly wine.

Product Name

2016 Dry Style Gewürztraminer



Wine Making

Hand harvested, gently pressed, controlled temperature fermented, then promptly bottled in order to capture and preserve the unique aromatics and flavours of Gewürztraminer.


While this wine is excellent for drinking right now, if properly cellared, it will live for quite a few years yet.

Food Suggestion

This wine is specifically made to accompany all but the very spiciest of Asian dishes. It is also a delightful wine which can be enjoyed on its own.

Technical Information

Alcohol/Vol Vintage Grape Variety Growing Region
12% 2016 Gewürztraminer Eden Valley