Decanting Wine – How Long Should You Wait Before Drinking?

Decanting Wine – How Long Should You Wait Before Drinking?

Decanting time, or breathing time for wine. Some say that this is really just a waste of time, to let the wine breathe before you can start enjoying the wine. Others know the importance of decanting, and this is why they are always making sure that their wines are breathing before they start enjoying their wines.

But not everyone knows what the decanting time for the different wines is. How much breathing time different wine needs before you can truly enjoy the wine? With this guide, you will get to know everything there is to know about the decanting times or breathing time for all the different wines. To ensure that you never make the same mistake again.

Should you really allow breathing time before serving and enjoying wine?

The question that many new wine drinkers are asking is if you should really allow breathing time or decanting time before you can serve and enjoy your wine?

In most cases, it is recommended that you are allowing breathing time for the wine. However, there are some of the wines that should not breathe at all, and some wines need more decanting time than other wines. This is why you need to make sure that you know as much about decanting time before you are ruining your bottle of wine.

Why is it important to let the wine breathe before you start enjoying it?

Why is it important to let the wine breathe before you can start enjoying it? While it won’t improve the health benefits of drinking wine, decanting helps to improve the taste of wine. Wine just tastes a lot better, sweeter, and full of flavor when it has some time to breathe.

But with some wines, you can lose the smell and taste when you are letting it breathe at all, or for too long. This is why the same wine tastes better sometimes than at other times. Because of different decanting times.

Guide to different wines and their breathing time

To make sure that you are going to get the best out of your bottle of wine, you need to know the different decanting times. The decanting times that are recommended by professionals, before you can enjoy your glass of wine. These are some guidance of the different wines and the breathing time that you should allow.

  • Red wines – the decanting times should be anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours. It depends on the type of red wine.
  • White and rosé wines – Not more than 30 minutes, depending on the quality of the wine.
  • Sparkling wines – Also, not more than 30 minutes. The longer it breathes, the less gas it will have.
  • Note – flavoured wines such as peach and orange don’t need breathing time. It will reduce the aroma of the wine

When should you be careful about breathing the wine too long?

Many will say that there isn’t a limit on the time that you can decant your wine. However, this isn’t completely the truth. Some wines don’t want to be decanting for too long. Or, that doesn’t want to be decanting at all. But what will happen to those that are letting the wine breathe for too long?Old wine will lose its flavor when you are letting the wine breathe at all. White wine doesn’t want to be breathing for too long either. It will lose the taste of the wine and the aroma of the wine.

These are everything you need to know about the decanting of wine. Some prefer it if their wines breathe for an hour or two before they are enjoying it. While others prefer to drink their wine, directly after opening. With this guide, you will get to know why decanting is recommended and what wines can breathe without losing its flavor and aroma.

Now that you know the ideal decanting times for each type of wine, now it’s time to enjoy them. The most convenient way to do this is by subscribing to a monthly wine club. Wine clubs off all manner of wines, to suit every taste, including red wine, sparkling wine, sweet wines and more.