Why Do Particular Wines Trigger Headaches?

Why Do Particular Wines Trigger Headaches?

Despite the many benefits of drinking wine, you may not like drinking wine at times, because you are always getting a headache after a glass or two. It doesn’t matter how much or little you are drinking. The moment that you have drunk a glass of wine, you have a headache that is hard to get rid of.

The good news is that there is actually a good reason why certain wines do give you a headache. And, why you should make sure about the type of wine that you are drinking. You might find it interesting that many people have the same problem and this is why many don’t drink wine. The moment that you know why you are getting headaches after drinking wine, you will be able to avoid it from happening again.

Maybe you have consumed too much?

Yes, this is the most obvious reason why you might have a headache after drinking wine. You have drunk too much wine in the first place.

People have the misconception that wine can’t make you drunk. This is because most wine doesn’t have high alcohol levels. However, this isn’t the case at all. Even if the wine doesn’t have much alcohol levels, it is enough to end up with a huge headache afterward. So, the first question that you need to ask yourself when you have a headache after drinking wine, is how many glasses did you have. Might you just have a hangover?

The amount of sugar in wine

Some people are getting headaches if they are consuming too much sugar at a time. And, if you know that you can’t enjoy too much sugar, then it might be the reason for the headaches after drinking wine as well.

There are some of the wine that has lots of sugar added to it. Especially the port, the rose, and natural sweet wines. If you are drinking one of these wines and struggling with a headache, then you might want to switch wines. You might want to start purchasing the dry wines that don’t have sugar in. You will see that the headaches will get better. If not, then the sugar isn’t the reason for the headaches in the first place.

A key ingredient and cause, known as tannins

Tannin is an ingredient that you can find in grapes. You can find it in the grape, the seeds, the skin and even the stems of the grapes. The tannins are causing the dry effect in your mouth.

In most cases, the tannins is a healthy ingredient and high in antioxidants. However, some people are struggling with headaches when they are consuming too many tannins. Some wine has more tannins as an ingredient than other wines. And, this might be the reason why you have headaches when drinking certain red wines.

Didn’t drink enough water while drinking wine

Another common reason for getting a headache after drinking wine. And, the more you are drinking, the denser the headache will become. It might be because you don’t drink enough water while you are drinking wine.

Because of all the ingredients in wine, it can hydrate you when you don’t drink water as well. For every glass of wine you are drinking, you should drink a glass of water as well. Otherwise, you will have a headache to deal with.

There are so many reasons why you might have a headache after you have drunk wine. Most of the time it is because you drink more than you should, or because you didn’t know that you should drink water in between as well. Now, you will be able to know what causes your headaches and you can start preventing it from happening again.

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