An Introduction to Commonly Used Wine Terminology

An Introduction to Commonly Used Wine Terminology

When it comes to the wine industry, they are making use of terms that not many people are understanding. Terms that only wine experts understand.

Why do you need to understand these terms, and how do you know what these terms actually mean. This is where we come in. These are all the information about the different wine industry terms. And, an explanation of why this is something that you need to understand in the first place.

Why do you need to understand these terms?

Why is it important to understand these terms? Isn’t it just terms that winemakers and sellers need to understand?

If you want to learn more about wines, and want to purchase the best wines possible, then it is important to know what the wine terms mean. This will also make sure that you are using the terms correctly, yourself. The thing is that there are different terms, and if you don’t know what these terms are, you can’t really talk like a professional winer. These are some of the most common terms that you need to understand.


When someone is talking about the complexity of the wine, they are actually talking about the different flavors and the different aromas that the wine has. And, how the flavor and aromas interact with each other.

There are different flavors and aromas of the wine that when it is put together, you can tell if this is a high-quality wine or not. Something that an experienced wine drinker or maker will be able to tell by just smelling and tasting the wine.


No, when a wine is corked, it doesn’t mean that there is cork inside the wine. This is when the winemaking process went wrong, and the wine smells and tastes like a cork. When you smell the wine, it normally smells like wet cardboard or corked.

It happens when the holder of the wine isn’t high quality, or when the type of holder where the wine is made in, has given a taste and smell off the cork.


Full-bodied is a bit harder to explain. This is the feel of the wine in your mouth. It is something that most people will not be able to understand easily.

When a wine is full-bodied, it actually means that the taste of the wine is rich. Meaning that the wine has a rich flavor and taste in the mouth. That you taste the fruit that the wine is made of.  This actually defines the difference between good wine and cheap wines.

First growth

This is a term that many people misunderstood. They think that this is the wine that has been made with the first grapes of the season. The first growth of the season. However, this is completely wrong.

First growth means that the wine is known as top-ranked chateaux in Bordeaux. Top wines that are old and that many people will have in their wine collections. This is the type of wine that you want to have in your collections and the only way that you can say that you have a good collection of wine.

It doesn’t matter if you want to become an expert in wine, or if you just have the interest to learn more about wine and wine terms. These are some of the most common terms that people are using all the time when it comes to wine. And, if you know and understand these terms, you already will know a lot about the wine industry. Being able to talk with the wine experts without making a fool of yourself.

Now that you’ve mastered some of the more commonly used terms of the wine industry, it’s time to let yourself sample some of the finest wines on the market. One of the most convenient ways to do this is to subscribe to a wine of the month club. Wine clubs offer wines to suit every taste, including sparkling wines, sweet wines, 90 point wines, red wines, organic wines and more.