Monthly Wine Clubs: When to Subscribe and When to Leave

Monthly Wine Clubs: When to Subscribe and When to Leave

Monthly subscription based wine clubs are getting really popular these days. Some of these wine clubs are really great clubs, while others might not be as popular and successful as others.

When should you join a wine club, and when should you rather cancel these clubs? This is the question that many are wondering about. Should they join, or should they cancel? With these tips, you will know exactly if you should join or cancel your wine club subscription.

To join: When you love wine

If you love drinking wine, and you are considering starting a collection, then you should consider joining a wine club. This is the easiest way to make sure that you are going to get some of the best discounts and offerings.

This is if you are joining a great, successful club that is doing all the work in finding the best offerings and deals for their members. To ensure that the club is growing and successful.

To cancel: The club isn’t holding meetings anymore

It might be time to consider canceling your wine club subscription if you see that the club isn’t as successful anymore. There aren’t more meetings anymore, and they don’t offer some valuable discounts and offers on wine. And, you don’t have the chance to taste the latest and newest wine on the market.

There is always that one club that isn’t as successful. Where the members don’t realize how much work it can be. And, then the club is just dying, without anyone really care. Then, you should consider canceling.

To join: Great offerings with the subscription

You do some research and find that this specific club is offering plenty of offerings and specials when it comes to purchasing wine. And, they are having a great number of meetings where you can taste and purchase the wine of the day.

If the wine club is really popular, and with further investigation, you find that there are many positive reviews online about the club. And, that the club is just growing and growing. Then, it is a great time to join the club. All prominent wine clubs typically offer a large selection of wine subscriptions to suit everyone, including monthly red wine clubs, premium subscriptions, sweet wines, sparkling wines, natural wine subscriptions and more.

To cancel: Not have the time to go to the meetings

It can be a great wine club, with meetings, discounts and everything. But, you don’t have the time or money to attend the meetings. You are just wasting money on paying the subscription each month, without actually being part of the wine club.

Then, it is recommended that you should cancel. Why should you be paying for something that you don’t have time for anymore? You should give someone else the opportunity to join the club. Especially if there is only a limited amount of people allowed to join.

To join: When you look for a new wine to taste

You are always on the lookout for new wines. No matter where you are going, which towns or countries you are visiting. You are always searching for a wine to add to your collection.

If this is the case, then you should consider joining a wine club. With a wine club, you will be able to get the connections to find and purchase unique wine that you will not find in-store. And, you will be able to taste different wines, to expand your wine collection.

When to join, when to cancel a wine club subscription? With this mentioned info, you will have a great idea when you should consider joining a wine club, and when you should cancel one. Then, you will get the most out of the wine clubs, and you will ensure that you will not waste money on paying fees that you are actually not using.


Subscribe to a monthly wine club today, and begin enjoying the health benefits of red wine and other varieties.